Tuesday, March 10, 2020

11 unique ways to grow your business online

Newspaper and Local Ads

A lot of local papers and Swap sheets will allow you to post ads.
Sometimes, if the offer is for free, they’ll allow you to post it free of charge! You can also use craigslist and others like it as well.

Offline/Online Business Swap

Find a niche ecommerce site that is connected to a local business that
relates to your niche list.

Approach the business owners and tell them you have a large list of
customers that you would like to send to their ecommerce site.

In exchange, all you ask is to put a banner ad for XX amount of days on their website.

Or another idea is to offer offline businesses that don’t have an online business package in which you will set up their own ecommerce system online for them.

They don’t even have to pay you!
Instead, all they have to do is give away a pdf guide that contains your links or put banners on their site that leads people to your squeeze page.

Offline Shows and Presentations

If you are an expert in your niche, give a free, local presentation in a larger city.

Post flyers around town and put ads in the newspapers and use other offline methods and online as well.

Then, at the event, tell everyone that to fully make use of the information you are giving them, they must get this guide at this website.

Tell them the guide is free, they just have to register for it. Using the word register will get greater optin’s Tell them you do this for the sake of keeping track of downloads.

Also, if you have the credentials, offer to be a free speaker for colleges and universities.

They are always looking for great, real life examples of the stuff they teach. You can get a good bit of opt-ins from college students.


Obviously owning a product will also build up your list. Especially if you couple it with clickbank and have a ton of affiliates promote you. 

The easiest way to do this is to make a high quality product, get a clickbank account, then install this software. https://www.clipbase.com.ng Create 10 to 20 affiliate accounts and drop those into the software. 

the software rotates affiliate accounts and you get a skyrocketed gravity which in turn automatically attracts affiliates to promote you.

Us these traffic techniques and quickly raise your gravity. It will snowball until you are on both an automated income AND you have a ton of subscribers to your list 

PLR and Resell Reports 

This is similar to the viral reports above, except you don’t include any affiliate links. You instead sell these reports at the Warrior Special Offer section or as part of another product Much like this report. 

You give away resell and giveaway rights to these reports the only thing that must stay the same is the link at the top of the page. 

You can sell tons of these for cheap 5 bucks for a pack of 10 reports for a niche. You’ll get a lot of buyers who are constantly looking for new material for their lists and more sign ups this way. 

So you get the double wammy, free exposure and money from selling the rights. 

Plus, you build up a list of WSO buyers, which in turn you can use JV list swaps with and sell other items too. Powerful combo right there. 

Radio Show Publicity 

Head over to 
and get sign up to get a free radio 
show. You can easily host a radio show with just a telephone. 

Then, take your list of subscribers and tell them about the show. Next, go to all your local businesses and tell them that you are doing an online radio show about growing your business online.

Tell them it’s free and you would like for them to come. The only thing they need to do is allow to post this flyer and business cards about your website/show. 

By doing so, tell them you will give them free advertising during the show. This works well if you have a large list already. 

This can cause a massive wave of signups. There are all kinds of ways you can use blogtalkradio to get subscribers. This is just one. 

There are various ways you can attract niche subscribers too. 
One would be to offer 2 shows. One geared towards local business 
owners, another for your niche. 

Tell them that you would like to advertise the niche show in their business and in exchange you’ll give them free access to the business show. 

Plus you’ll advertiser there business on the niche show too. this works well if they are in a similar niche 

Real Radio Shows 

Besides the above, you can do real radio shows too. College radio shows are always looking for guest speakers. 

If you know something about your niche, and have a good story, see if you can’t get hooked up.This can include TV as well.

One and Three Way Deals (Chicken For Goats) 

A good way to get a list starting out is to exchange a service for a 
broadcast message to a small to medium sized list owner.

Contact a few of these people and offer to do article writing or other seo service for them. 

In exchange, all they have to do is send out a few broadcast messages to their list about your product or service. 

Come up with some terms that serves them well and you’ll have a good taker. 

If they don’t, do a Three Way Deal this is where you find out what they want or need for their business and you get it. 

For example, say they need graphic design work. Go find a graphic 
designer with a website and offer him free traffic in exchange for a logo or whatever else your first guy needs. 

After you set up that deal, return to your original guy and give him his 

In exchange, he sends you a few broadcasts and you send the 
graphic guy a bunch of free article marketing traffic and other seo. 

This can be done in so many different ways it isn’t even funny. 
Another example is getting people something they need perhaps free 
dental or another service. 

Contact the primary service guy and offer him a free website in exchange for whatever else your list owner who you want to 
advertise his to his list wants. 

Viral PDF’s 

Go to www.butterflyreports.com and join up. It is a site that offers a way for you to write valuable reports that contain affiliate links that rebrands itself to the person giving out the report. 

The idea is simple: Create a high value, in demand report. At the very top, beneath the title, put 
your web address.

Then, fill the report with affiliate links that users can rebrand. Offer free giveaway and resell rights. 
Submit the report to butterfly reports and other directories. 

List owners will pick these up and send these out to their lists. They make money from the affiliate links, the customers get a high quality free product, and you get a ton of free signups to your list. 

WSO’s and the War Room 

The warrior special offer forum is a great way to build a list quickly inside the internet marketing niche. 

Just make sure you have a great product to give away. Over deliver and you’ll build a better business. 

You can also use the War Room to get a lot of sign ups. But you must take care for this as the war room is supposed to be for FREE sharing of info. 

So make sure the product you are giving away is VERY VERY valuable. 


Here is a powerful method for you. This works well inside the internet 
marketing niche. Host a cheap workshop. Make it super affordable but only allow about 20 inside. 

Advertising inside the WSO section and more see the forum marketing aboveAs part of the success formula, break them into 2 teams of ten and host a competition. 

The first team to get the most opt-ins wins something.

Give each group this eguide. 
Then, after the workshop is over, start another product based off of the workshop information. 

Recruit all your new successful students to send you their subscribers. This can amount to hundreds or thousands of new 
opt-ins almost instantly. 

Plus, you get the added benefit of having your own product you can sell to the masses! 

Take all the content you made for the workshop and package 
it up I know how well this works, because I myself am hosting a workshop and the leverage is working well! 

That’s It For Now!

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