Monday, March 16, 2020

5 ways in increases your affiliate commission

Affiliate marketing is a business model with huge opportunities for marketers. In this content, you’re going to learn how to tap fully into that potential so that you can start
earning BIG while working LITTLE.

The term passive income essentially refers to any revenue
stream that doesn’t require your constant attention and care.

For example, if you were to sell a mobile app then you could
theoretically release the app onto the app store and then let the sales role in.

You could then head off to retire to a tropical island and you’d still be earning the same money.This is the dream for many internet marketers to be able to earn cash while they sleep.

1. Use the Right Tools

If you have countless different products and services to sell
through your site, then you’ll find that it can become difficult
tracking everything.

• How do you find out what is earning you the most money?

• How do you chase up the money you haven’t received?

• How can you create links for each of those different

And the answer is to use a tool such as Trackanomics or Genius Link.
These allow you to quickly find and add different affiliate accounts and then to generate links from those products. What’s more, is that they’ll let you track the performance of each.

Both these tools have Chrome plugins, meaning that you can simply navigate to a page where they sell what you’re looking for, and then click a button to automatically generate the necessary links.

The only catch is that Trackanomics costs $500 per month. Beginners might wish to stick with Genius Link then, but this does also give you a clue as to how much the really big brands are making from this process!

2. Build a Passionate

Using the above outlined strategy, it would be possible to sell lots of products from your site without needing to build any kind of regular audience.

That said, it is still highly
recommended that you do take the time to build that audience. When you take time to build an audience that trusts you, that makes you a thought leader and an influencer. 

This makes ALL the difference when it comes to your 

When someone knows you and trusts what you have to say, that means they will have a reason to listen to your product recommendations.

They know that they like your style, and you’ve spent time developing a relationship. Not only that, but you’ll have spent time and effort targeting precisely the right people.

To get to this point, you need to focus on delivering consistently fantastic content in your niche, while also having a strong social presence. Focus on relationships and communication help your followers to feel like they know 

When it comes to actually writing content, the goal should be to offer an original take on a subject, and to only write about a subject you’re passionate about. 

This will be the difference between rehashing existent content which might also be outdated or low quality versus writing something 
new and interesting that no one has heard before.

Put it this way: you can’t become a thought leader if you don’t understand the subject, and you’re just copying other people’s content!

Create a strong brand, know your target demographic, and don’t try to appeal to everyone. Do this, and you will grow rapidly and increase engaging severalfold.

3. Branch Out With Different products and services 

The first tip if you want to make the very most from your affiliate marketing activities, then one of the most important ways to do so is to branch out with different products. 

That is to say, that you should be selling more than just ebooks. Eboks are the go to option for many marketers, because they are likely to use platforms such as JVZoo and 

Ebooks of course have no overheads or delivery costs, and that also means that creators are able to offer much higher commission. But while that all sounds good, selling ebooks also limits your market drastically. 

Why? Because a lot of people don’t buy ebooks. Think about it: 

• Does your gran buy ebooks? 

• How about your friend who doesn’t read? 

• How about any of your friends who aren’t into internet marketing and don’t read self-improvement? 

This is why despite what many blogs may lead you to believe physical products are still by far the biggest sellers on the web. 

So, if you sell those whether through Amazon, another affiliate program, or a direct deal with the manufacturer you will be able to make significantly more sales, which means more money.

But what’s more, is that this will also allow you to offer some 
products that cost significantly more. For example, what if you were to sell a college MBA course? 

Yep, there are programs that let you do this, and as you can imagine the 
profit is potentially gigantic.

Likewise, you could use something as simple as Amazon Associates accounts in order to sell gaming laptops these often cost $3,700 and more! Even 6% of that is still over 

4. Use Top 10 Lists 

Then you have tons of options for selling these products. You no longer need to market hard toward other internet entrepreneurs: now you can create top 10 lists with great SEO in order to bring in regular customers.

Let’s go back to those gaming laptops. Let’s say you want to 
create a list of expensive laptops that will bring new visitors to your site and result in conversions for you. 

What might someone search for when looking to buy those products? Well, the top graphics card right now is the RTX 2080. 

That’s what most people will want if they’re looking to buy a top end gaming laptop, and it also guarantees the product will be expensive.

If we quickly head over to a keyword research tool such as, then we can see that the best phrase for this is RTX 2080 laptops. 

That has a search volume of 
6,600; and we can rest assured that most people searching this phrase will have the “intent” to buy from you!

Add some bullets to your post along with your SEO, and your link might appear in the SERPs with a rich snippetleading to much higher click through rates. Write a great article, and you’ll increase your conversions too!

5. Use ppc

Now you have long term readers buying from you, as well as first time visitors that have found you on Google. By combining sales from these two sources, you can drastically increase your revenue.

But we’re going to go one step further by also throwing in PPC for good measure. PPC is of course Pay Per Click, which is a type of advertising offered by Google and Facebook. 

What this allows you to do, is to pay for ads only if someone actually clicks them. The reason this is important, is that it gives you a certain cost for each visitor to your site. 

If you know your conversion rate, and the amount of profit you make from those conversions, then you can work out a strategy that will 
guarantee you returns.

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