Tuesday, March 10, 2020

How to grow your business without SEO

This topic sound somehow funny right, on how to grow your business without rely on SEO.

But am going to prove it to you that you can grow your business without rely on SEO.

Let me not waist much time here, so let's go straight to the main point.

Ad Swaps

Once you have a list size of about 200, you can start to grow your list
through ad swaps with other marketers.

I would recommend no more than 2 swaps a month. You don’t want to burn out your list.

If you are new in a niche, starting off, I recommend you hit 20 to 30
different affiliates in your niche like you who have lists. Offer them a straight up swap.

You’ll get a few bites. Tell them you would like to swap lists at these times and coordinate your efforts.
Once you get a few people to do this, you’ll list will grow RAPIDLY.

Then, as you get bigger, you’ll be able to attract more and more people in your niche to do a swap with you.

Article Marketing

Marketing through ezinearticles is a great, quick way to get FREE traffic, obviously. So this is a good method starting off!

It is beyond the scope of this course to cover all the aspects on article

Amazon Video Reviews

Did you know that you can do video reviews at Amazon? This is a
POWERFUL way to drive a ton of interested people to your site.

Regardless of whether you have a list or not but this is FAR more
powerful with a list Go to Amazon and look for books that relate to your list.

Buy that book at your local bookstore or order it from Amazon. Then, skim through it and record a video of you talking about the book.

Overlay on the video your web address. Then, at the end of the video, tell them for more info about the niche you are in, they are welcome to visit your site at.

Also, when you create an account, you can list your web address. Make sure you do so, because some people will click on your reviewer name and it will show your profile.

The will see your web address and go there! These are most likely BUYERS which are important to have because they are browsing for a certain product at Amazon.

Plus, this if this is in a high traffic niche, you can get just a server busting load of traffic.

Barter Networks

Join a large online barter and trade network. These networks are huge and cater to thousands of offline businesses.

A lot of these networks allow you to post ad’s. There are tons of these networks a good google search will show you lots.

Ezine Newsletter Ads

A lot of email list owners will accept advertising on their email list. These people regularly email their list with jokes, information, news, and niche related items.

Most of these types of lists are absolutely huge and if you can find one related to your niche, you’ve hit gold.

Now you do have to pay for these, but if you have a good free offer, it can convert really well.

I recommend, if you can afford it, to get a top placement ad that is above the fold.

You’ll get an enormous amount of clicks that way. I’ve included in this package a list of ezine newsletter directories. These directories contain tons and tons of ezine’s in every niche imaginable.

Fair Method

Set up a tent at your local county fair or state fair. (You may have pay for this. Offer a gift, something cool, that relates to your niche.

Include your website address to your squeeze page. If you go to a popular fair, you can get hundreds of local subscribers really quick. 

Flyer Marketing 

This is dead easy. Make up a quick flyer about your free squeeze page 
giveaway. Write it much like a sales page. Then, print up hundreds of copies.

Post an ad on craigslist for a flyer poster. Tell the taker you want the guy to post the flyer at every imaginable public place possible. 

Grocery stores, malls, shops, utility poles, bars, public corkboards, tape onto trees in parks, everywhere. 
Tell him you will pay him per post and he has to provide proof. 

What you decide to pay is up to you, but if you want to get a serious guy, I would charge between 25 cents and 50 cents per post. 

For 500 flyers, that’s only 250 bucks. But you’ll see a HUGE spike in traffic and opt-ins. 

Forum Marketing 

Obviously, for the internet marketing niche, the Warrior Forum, Digital Point, and Wealthy Affiliate are the big three of the internet marketing forums. There are tons of others. 

Marketing in these are straight forward, because they all understand and allow marketing to each other. But this is not the case with niche forums. You have to be crafty. 

Go find 10 niche forums related to your website and sign up to them. 
Then, start posting. Don’t act as yourself though, act as a third party. 

Find all the common problems relating to the forum and post articles and youtube video’s that relate and solve the problems those people are facing. 

Also, post new threads about these methods and the articles you get 
them from. This will immediately build up your authority in the site and will get them used to you posting links. 

Do this for 2 weeks and post solid straight content with personal interaction and lots of links to free articles and video’s.

Then, after 2 weeks, post an article YOU wrote. Make sure it’s the best 
CTR article you have. Don’t claim it as yours, just say you found it. 

Do this with all 10 or 20 forums and you’ll have a massive wave of traffic. 

JV Swap 

This requires you to have a very COOL gift a high valued product in some way. You don’t have to be selling it even, but it needs to be valuable enough to BE sold. 

For example, get an interview with someone big in your niche. Turn it into an audio download. Then approach merchants in your niche that sell related products. 

Tell them you would like for them to add this product as a “surprise” bonus. All they need to do to get the bonus is to sign up to your email list. 

So, all the product owner needs to do is post a link to your squeeze page or provide him with a graphic ecover of the free gift. 

To increase the chances of these guys saying yes, get their mailing 
address and send them a handwritten letter. 

Brag about how great their product is and send them something, like a gift card. This will grab their attention.

Put your email address in the letter and tell them to get in contact with you they like. I can guarantee you they will!.

When they do, pitch this idea to them. You have a good chance they’ll say yes!.

Do this with 10, 20 or more and you’ll have a HUGE amount of traffic of buyers to your site!

Second JV Swap 

Related to the above, find a low gravity product at clickbank that is doing ok, but not amazing. This works well for 10 to 30 gravity product owners

Offer to send out a free email to your list, without an affiliate link. They only thing they have to do is put your bonus product link inside their thank you page.

Media Buys 

These are another form of PPC advertising, but they are not dependent on the search engine. They are contextual based, meaning that the ads show 
up on websites.

They are typically less stringent about advertising, as long as you follow the basic rules. 

Target sites related to your niche..and if you can, buy bulk and pay up front, you’ll get much cheaper clicks. 

100k Clicks for 10 grand up front  10 cents a click instead of 100k for 50k, 50 cents a click, etc.

There are a ton of different advertising networks to choose from, but how to do it is beyond the scope of this guide. 

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