Tuesday, March 10, 2020

How to write 90 articles in 3 days

Writing this amount of articles can be daunting, but the key to
doing it is a simple system of organized rewriting. 

Since there can be only so much information in a specific niche, the
key is re-writing that info in different ways. So what do we do? 

We start with the big picture, and we ask ourselves What is
the specific questions people have in this niche that they want
answers too?

For this example, we are going to use the dog behavior problems niche, promoting the SitStayFetch Clickbank product.Start off by opening note pad, or getting a pad of paper. 

We are going to drill down the dog behavior problem into specific
problems/questions that this niche has.

Starting with the big picture Dog behavior problems so, how many different problems exist in this niche? 

Since you've done your research, some of this will come to you very

Lets drill down,

1. Dog chewing problems
2. Dog biting problems
3. Dog peeing problems
4. Dog barking problems
5. Dog chasing problems
6. Dog aggression problems
7. Dog mating problems
8. Dog licking problems
9. Dog not listening problems
10. Dog hyper problems

Also, you could do this with specific breeds, but for this example, I'm going to stick with these. 

I just came up with these on the top of my head, if I had done the niche research, i would have better ideas as to specific problems people have.

Now we take our list in hand, and move to the next step. So you have you list of question sand problems, now we need toidentify ways of writing the answers to these questions.

People love tips, suggestions, FAQ's, and any other quick way of dissecting information, so the first type I call Tips.

What is another way? Well, another popular one is the How To Guide. The difference between tips and how to is that how to is more wordy and goes more in depth, but is essentially the exact same information. 

What about another? Well, I use this one, the 1 Simple Step!

or the Single Most Effective Way to Fix Your Problem! 

So what is this? It's basically the how to summed up into "One
Simple Step. So we have THREE different ways to write this information, with TEN similar problems that we can answer. You starting to see something here?

So what I would do then is start with the top of the list "Dog
Chewing Problems" and I would write

1. Ten Effective Ways To Eliminate Your Dog's Chewing

2. How To Effectively End Your Dog's Chewing Problem

3. The Number One Thing You Can Do To Eliminate Your Dog's Chewing Problem And I would do this with every single problem. 

So guess what that means: 10 Problems X 3 Ways of Writing
it = 30 Complete Articles!

And do you know the beauty of all this? 

Since the problems are related to dog behavior, the solution is going to be similar for many of them, meaning that you don't have to know a ton about dog psychology. 

AND since your keyword research
would include dog problems, you will now have thirty articles
with those keywords located throughout, 

meaning that several of your articles will show up on googles first page results! But that isn't all!

You want to completely destroy everyone else in your niche? Then go back to the top and write a fresh new article, three different ways!

What I mean is, after I made it through the ten problems,writing for each, I go back and start again! But you want a fresh approach, so I typically do this.

I write my 30 articles, and I stop for that day. Then the VERY NEXT DAY I start back at the top and write again! 

But DON'T open your previous articles! Remember, we want FRESH content, and I find that if I look at the other articles, I'll start to
emulate it too much and it won't be as fresh as I like.

Remember, you want unique articles, otherwise the directories
will reject your articles. Many times I'll do stuff like this: 

10 Tips to stop. then the next day 
5 Tips to stop.

Also, if you are further worried that the directories won't accept
your articles, you could always write them under a different
pen name. 

So, what does this equal? Well, if you do this for 3 days, you get: 10 Problems X 3 Ways= 30 Articles X 3 Days = 90 Articles! Now, it doesn't stop there! Read On!

Now, with this final step, you are going to FINISH OFF your

You have 90 unique, fresh articles, all with targeted, late cycle
buyer keywords; one final thing to do Submit!

But you just don't want to submit to one article directory! No no you want to submit to as many as you can!

You probably already know about Ezinearticles.com and GoArticles, but there is tons more! 
AdventureBear just posted this list on the forums and I thought it would work well.

You have 90 articles, and you submit them to, not 1, not 2, but
10 Directories! You know what that means?!

900 Articles All Pointing To Your Website, Blog, Or 
Affiliate Link to Merchant Talk about traffic! 

Even if only 1 percent of your articles get high listing, thats still 9 top positions in google! 

Of course, the best thing to do would be to space the submissions out over time. But the benefits are huge!

1. Crazy amounts of traffic.

2. Crazy amounts of backlinks, 
raising your page rank in

3. Simply DESTROYING any competition you would have in
that niche.

4. Increases your chances getting high ranking results in

Weight loss, Romance, Make Money, Gambling, etc.

So, you think this won't work with your niche because it's too


Say you have a very specific niche. lets say weight loss before my wedding, this is a very specific niche. 

But don't think of it as a limiter, think of it as a way to spin your articles.

You can write it just like you would if you were talking about
weight loss in general.

What are the common question or problems ALL people wanting to lose weight are concerned with? 

the best diet to lose weight fast
diet and exercise?

no matter what i do I can't lose weight?

side effects if any?

Boil these down into questions and answers or problems.

Remember, with niche research you will have a more specific
list. Just write like you are talking to a woman wanting to lose
weight for a wedding. 

So, for a quick recap.

1. Find several questions and problems that can be answered

2. Write the the answer in three different ways.

3. Write as much as you can until you can think of no other
ways to say it.

4. Submit to many different directories
5. Reap the benefits!

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