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mobile SEO how to do search engines with your mobile phone

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the fastest way to grow your online business and rank your website on Google first page,

So in this report am going to show you how to use your mobile device to run an SEO for afflicte marketing an online business,

In other not to spend much time here lets go to the straight point on how run an SEO using your mobile device,

1# - Using Longtail Keywords

When the internet first began, it was possible to just put in a few keywords to find a site online that had what you were looking for when you were using the search engines.

Things have changed dramatically since the inception of the internet in that there are millions upon millions of websites for just about any type of product.

Needless to say, it makes it all the more difficult for those who are looking for what you have to sell to find you in the search engines.

Many people who are searching for something online realize this as well. They know not to put in a keyword such as shoes into the search engine search bar because they will get millions of results pages.

They know that they have to narrow down their search by
typing in a phrase into the system.
A phrase can be considered long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are those that are more of a direct phrase that can be used in your online marketing and will pop up in the search engines for those who are using that particular phrase to search for something online.

In order to use long tailed keywords effectively in your SEO, you have to have an idea of how those who are most likely to want to buy your product will search for it online.

What type of words will they use in their search? You can find this out through Google analytics or you can figure it out for yourself.

You should make sure that the long tail keywords that you are planning to use for your articles, blogs and press releases are what others are more than likely to use when they are performing a search online for products or services from your website.

2# - SEO For Video Ads

One way that you can get promotion for your website is to use SEO for video ads. Video
ads are hotter than ever and will come up higher in the search engine results pages than text.

For this reason, many people are posting video ads on free sites such as so that they can get some exposure for their website.

Like everything else that you do when you are promoting your site using SEO, you have to make sure that video ads are search engine optimized.

There are tags that are available
to name video ads. You need to make use of these tags so that you can add keywords and have the video come up in the search engines.

You should not underestimate the importance of using video in your ads. Video is displayed more predominantly on the search engine results pages and is a very important aspect of website marketing.

You can easily draw up your own video ad using a camcorder and upload it online. Many of those who have video ads online use only
sound with a video design for their ad.

This still gives the video preference in the search engines. Using a video script, you can create a video ad that is accompanied by music and graphic designs.

You can then tag it with a keyword that is related to your site as well as put the name of your website on the site where you distribute the video. This gives you SEO
exposure on the video sites as well.

There are several sites where you can upload video ads including YouTube. Take a look online and search out the sites where you can
upload free video and then use it to promote your website.

If you are looking for a way to get your website out to the masses using SEO strategies, take a look at what video can do for you. Because computer technology has come such a long way in recent years, it is now easier than ever to promote yourself using video ads.

Always remember to use keywords accordingly when you are using video promotions.

3# - SEO in photo

When people go online, they want more than just text, they want to see photos. In some cases, people can find your website by doing a photo search instead of a text search.

It is sometimes easier to find what you are looking for if you use photos instead of text during your search. Most search engine toolbars have the option for the user to search by photos.

All of the photos on your website should be tagged with search engine optimized keywords.

It is important that all of your photos are tagged so that those who are searching for what you are promoting by way of a photo search can find it.

Just as a regular text search will reveal hundreds of thousands of text pages for just about any search, a photo search will also yield results pages.

However, since there is much more text than photos on the internet, the number of photo results pages are a fraction of what is revealed for text pages.

This is why some people prefer to search for what they want using the photos option.

While it may be difficult for those to search deep into the search engine result pages for your website if there are many like it, it is not as difficult to search for photos.

The search for photos is much shorter and many people will look through all of the photos in the search.

This is why it is important for you to make use of sites that will allow you to host and display your photos.

There are many free sites out there such as that allow you to host photos for free.

You can upload your photos onto this site and then tag them with appropriate SEO keywords so that they come up in the search engines.

You can also put your link to your site on the hosting company site.
This gives you yet another way to promote your website for free online.

You can add the same photo to different free hosting websites for additional exposure.

You can do a Google search to discover the different websites that will allow you to upload free photos. Most of them limit the number of photos that you can use for the site.

Using photos is one of the ways that you can add to your SEO marketing. This does not end up costing you any money at all and very little time.

4# - Using Google To Discover The Best Keywords

There are various ways that you can discover which are the best keywords for you to use when you are trying to promote your website.

You want to be sure that you use both keywords that are relevant to your site and also to the consumer who will be using these keywords to search for products or services such as what you sell online.

One way to figure out which are the best keywords for you is to use a Google tool. Google is the largest search engine online and there are many different Google tools that
are designed to help you figure in ranking in this search engine.

You can do research prior to setting up your site to figure out which are the best keywords to use for your site and which will bring in the most searches.

The Google analytics toolbar will let you know which keywords will work best for you. This works with regular keywords to give you an idea of what others will be putting into the search bar to seek out your product or service.

In some cases, keyword choices may be obvious. In others, it may not be so obvious. The Google tool will let you know the number of searches that are performed for each of the keywords that they pull up relevant to your site.

You can use this tool to ascertain
which are the correct keywords that you should be using in your SEO marketing efforts.

You should take advantage of all of the tools that are offered by Google to get your site up and running. The keyword analysis is one of the many tools that Google offers to help you with your website.

Once you have your website up and running, you can submit it to the Google search engine. Make a list of the keywords and use them in the text that you use to promote your site.

The keywords should be part of all of the SEO marketing that you do. You may not be able to use all of the keywords in a given article or blog, but you will want to work with all of them. Some of them will reflect that they are searched more than others.

5# - Using A SEO Company

Many businesses and others who are seeking a way of getting the message of their website out there to the public are using companies that specialize in SEO marketing in
order to get the job done.

SEO companies specialize in internet marketing and will do the following in order to get
a website optimized for the internet:

. Research keywords;

. Restructure the existing text if any on the website so it is SEO;

. Create pictures, video and tags;

. Create a blog and keep it updated using SEO content;

. Use article marketing;

. Create press releases using SEO marketing.

The SEO company will work with the website to make sure that they are helping them gain in the search engine results pages.

Most companies will be able to tell a business where they are currently ranking in the search engine results pages of the main search engines.

Once the company tells the business where they rank, they will then give them an estimate, based upon experience, as to how far they can help the company rise within the search engine results page rankings.

The rise in the search engine rankings begins right away and can start as soon as the company starts to promote the website.

In most cases, there will be an immediate improvement when it comes to ranking as the SEO company pays attention to the vital 
keywords that are needed to boost the website in page rankings. 

It will take many months, however, before link building and SEO can work together to bring the website to the forefront of the search engine results pages. 

Businesses that are seeking an SEO company to boost them in the search engines should be sure that the company can provide them with what type of results they can expect and where. 

Be sure that you deal with a company that has experience in the SEO world and will not be using any black hat tricks to boost up the rankings. 

These tactics, such as using link 
farms and link spamming, can end up getting your site banned from the search engines. 

Deal with companies that use natural building tactics and white hat SEO to boost up your rankings in the search engines

6-Blogging With SEO Marketing

One of the easiest ways that you can promote your website for free with SEO content and links is to use blogging. Most websites today have blogs that are connected to them. 

These blogs are the easiest way to update the site so that it stays current in the search engines. 

The search engines are not only looking for keyword rich content when they send out their search engine bots for search engine ranking, but also constant content. 

The content on your website should not get stale. This can end up costing you ranking in the search 
engines and also end up costing you sales. 

If you have a website that has been carefully constructed again, we will use the example of the shoes website and want to make sure that it is updated without having to redo the website all of the time, the best way to do so is to use a blog. 

You can go to a site called to get started in your own blog. The blogs created by this site can be used to connect to your own website. 

Once you have created a blog, you can then use SEO rich content to put in the blog on a daily basis. Blogs are different than articles in writing style, formality and information. 

Blogs can be written in the first person style. Many blogs are written as narrative prose rather than informative third person writing. 

You can alternate between styles if you so choose to get the information into your blogs. By changing your blog on a daily basis, you can keep your website up to date. 

This will continue to keep it ranking high in the search engine rankings. You will also be adding 
links that will boost it in the search engines as well. 

Blog writing is very simple and can be accomplished in a few short lines. You do not have to use very long blogs to get your point across. 
All of your blogs, however, should 
be relevant to your website. 

When you use some blog software, you can add links into your blogs. These links can be added using HTML or in some cases, just using the tools on the toolbar. 

If you have your blog attached to your website, you can then just add to the blog all of the time. You can 
display more than one blog on your website. 

The more links that you continue to distribute throughout the internet, the higher your sitewill rank in the search engines. You will want to make sure that you use the links in all of your blogs for your website. 

This will give you more links that will ultimately lead back to your site and raise search engine rankings. 

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