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Cloud storage plans you can use to replace your Mac’s external storage

Cloud storage plans you can use to replace your Mac’s external storage

Fast storage remains expensive; slower storage not so much. That can lead you to opt for relatively little SSD storage when upgrading to a new Mac, especially compared to hard disk drives you might have installed or accessible with your previous Mac.

An external hard drive is the best and easiest strategy. I have a 1TB Fusion Drive on my iMac and both 4TB and 8TB external drives for cloning the startup volume and for holding media and archives.

However, you might prefer to not have to maintain external storage and deal with maintaining local or internet-hosted backups. If you’re a laptop user, external storage is often a hassle. Instead, you might want to lean on the cloud. The easiest and most affordable cloud storage methods follow.

Sync and store offline
Virtualize your storage by seeing all your files and folder in the Finder, but letting them stay entirely offline and in the cloud except as you need them. Both iCloud Drive and Dropbox are the most notable and affordable in this category, and both offer great integration into macOS. If a file isn’t stored on your Mac, you can simply double-click or otherwise try to access its representation in your filesystem, and it’s downloaded from the cloud. This approach does require a healthy broadband connection.

mac911 icloud drive optimize
Optimizing storage in iCloud Drive lets macOS put in placeholders for items when storage grows tight.

For iCloud, in the iCloud preference pane (Mojave and earlier) or the Apple ID preference pane’s iCloud section (Catalina or later), enable iCloud Drive if it isn’t already and click Options. Check the Optimize Mac Storage box, and macOS automatically manages when files are offloaded. You can load material into iCloud Drive from other Macs, from iOS and iPadOS, and

iCloud storage in the U.S. costs $2.99 a month for 200GB of storage and $9.99 a month for 2TB of storage. (With a Family Plan, you can choose to share 200GB and 2TB storage plans among all family members.)

Dropbox offers two distinct options for managing local file storage. Smart Sync lets you select manually whether files and enclosing folders are stored locally or just in the cloud. Smart Sync Auto-Evict, when enabled, deletes files from your Mac as necessary to preserve free storage space, while keeping the representation of the file in the Finder and storing the data at Dropbox’s servers. Dropbox charges $11.99 a month or $119.88 a year for 2TB of storage and $19.99 a month or $198.96 a year for 3TB.

If iCloud and Dropbox combined aren’t enough (say, you need 4TB), you could use both together. Neither iCloud nor Dropbox lets you add storage above their maximums for individual plans, and you can’t install two separate user accounts on a single macOS account.

Push into cloud archives
A number of pure cloud storage systems let you upload megabytes to terabytes and retain them there for less-interactive access at relatively low cost. These options lack Finder integration: you have to use third-party software to upload and download files as you need them. But for large-scale storage of not-very-frequently accessed data you want to have online and backed up automatically by the storage hosts, it’s a great option.

The best combination for this is Panic Transmit ($45) and Backblaze B2. Backblaze is known as a secure internet-hosted backup service, but it also offers the easiest-to-configure on-demand cloud storage, too. B2 charges are based on the size of your stored data and downloads: $0.005 (half a cent) per GB per month for storage and $.01 (one cent) per GB downloaded. Storing 2TB costs $10 a month, for instance. Retrieving 1TB of that costs $10.

There are other storage options supported by Transmit and other file-transfer software like Cyberduck, including Amazon S3 and Google Cloud, which have “deep storage” options that are much cheaper for long-term storage but charge higher prices for retrieval and may have a delay between requesting a retrieval and files downloading. However, non-B2 options require more study and management to pick a storage flavor and manage costs.

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iCloud storage plans and pricing

At the point when you pursue iCloud, you naturally get 5GB of free stockpiling. On the off chance that you need more space in iCloud, you can move up to a bigger stockpiling plan. 

You can redesign your iCloud stockpiling plan from your iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, Macintosh, or PC. Look over an aggregate of 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB. You can even impart the 200GB and 2TB designs to your family. After you redesign, we'll charge you monthly.1 See the month to month estimating and designs per nation or district underneath. 

In the event that you bought a 1TB month to month plan before June 5, 2017, your record was updated consequently to a 2TB month to month plan. 

North America, South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean 

Brazil (BRL) 

50GB: R$ 3.50 

200GB: R$ 10.90 

2TB: R$ 34.90 

Canada (computer aided design) 

50GB: $1.29 

200GB: $3.99 

2TB: $12.99 

Chile (CLP) 

50GB: $650 

200GB: $1900 

2TB: $6500 

Colombia (COP) 

50GB: $2800 

200GB: $8500 

2TB: $27900 

Mexico (MXN) 

50GB: $17 

200GB: $49 

2TB: $179 

Peru (PEN) 

50GB: S/.2.90 

200GB: S/.9.90 

2TB: S/.29.90 

Joined States4 (USD) 

50GB: $0.99 

200GB: $2.99 

2TB: $9.99 

Europe, the Center East, and Africa 

Albania2,3 (USD) 

50GB: $1.19 

200GB: $3.59 

2TB: $11.99 


50GB: $1.19 

200GB: $3.49 

2TB: $11.99 

Belarus2,3 (USD) 

50GB: $1.19 

200GB: $3.49 

2TB: $11.99 

Bulgaria3 (BGN) 

50GB: 1.99 лв 

200GB: 5.99 лв 

2TB: 18.99 лв 

Croatia3 (HRK) 

50GB: 7.99 kn 

200GB: 24.99 kn 

2TB: 79.99 kn 

Czech Republic3 (CZK) 

50GB: 25 Kč 

200GB: 79 Kč 

2TB: 249 Kč 

Denmark3 (DKK) 

50GB: 7 kr 

200GB: 25 kr 

2TB: 69 kr 

Egypt3 (EGP) 

50GB: £18.99 

200GB: £54.99 

2TB: £189.99 

Euro3 (Euro) 

50GB: 0.99 € 

200GB: 2.99 € 

2TB: 9.99 € 

Hungary3 (HUF) 

50GB: 299 Ft 

200GB: 899 Ft 

2TB: 2990 Ft 

Iceland2,3 (USD) 

50GB: $1.23 

200GB: $3.71 

2TB: $12.39 

Israel (ILS) 

50GB: ₪3.90 

200GB: ₪11.90 

2TB: ₪39.90 

Nigeria (NGN

50GB: ₦300 

200GB: ₦900 

2TB: ₦2900 

Norway3 (NOK) 

50GB: 10 kr 

200GB: 29 kr 

2TB: 99 kr 

Pakistan (PKR) 

50GB: Rs100 

200GB: Rs300 

2TB: Rs1000 

Poland3 (PLN) 

50GB: 3.99 zł 

200GB: 11.99 zł 

2TB: 39.99 zł 

Qatar (QAR) 

50GB: 3.69﷼ 

200GB: 10.99﷼ 

2TB: 36.99﷼ 

Romania3 (RON) 

50GB: 4.49 lei 

200GB: 12.99 lei 

2TB: 44.99 lei 

Russia3 (RUB) 

50GB: 59 p. 

200GB: 149 p. 

2TB: 599 p. 

Saudi Arabia3 (SAR) 

50GB: 3.69﷼ 

200GB: 10.99﷼ 

2TB: 36.99﷼ 

South Africa3 (ZAR) 

50GB: R14.99 

200GB: R44.99 

2TB: R149.99 

Sweden3 (SEK) 

50GB: 9 kr 

200GB: 29 kr 

2TB: 89 kr 

Switzerland3 (CHF) 

50GB: CHF 1 

200GB: CHF 3 

2TB: CHF 10 

Tanzania (TZS) 

50GB: 1900 TSh 

200GB: 5900 TSh 

2TB: 19900 TSh 

Turkey3 (Attempt) 

50GB: 6.49 TL 

200GB: 19.99 TL 

2TB: 64.99 TL 

Joined Middle Easterner Emirates3 (AED) 

50GB: AED 3.69 

200GB: AED 10.99 

2TB: AED 36.99 

Joined Kingdom3 (GBP) 

50GB: £0.79 

200GB: £2.49 

2TB: £6.99 

Asia Pacific 

Australia3 (AUD) 

50GB: $1.49 

200GB: $4.49 

2TB: $14.99 

China mainland3 (CNY) 

50GB: ¥6 

200GB: ¥21 

2TB: ¥68 

Hong Kong (HKD) 

50GB: HK$ 8 

200GB: HK$ 23 

2TB: HK$ 78 

India3 (INR) 

50GB: Rs 75 

200GB: Rs 219 

2TB: Rs 749 

Indonesia (IDR) 

50GB: Rp 15000 

200GB: Rp 45000 

2TB: Rp 149000 

Japan3 (JPY) 

50GB: ¥130 

200GB: ¥400 

2TB: ¥1300 

Kazakhstan (KZT) 

50GB: ₸349 

200GB: ₸999 

2TB: ₸3490 

Malaysia (MYR) 

50GB: RM3.90 

200GB: RM11.90 

2TB: RM39.90 

New Zealand3 (NZD) 

50GB: $1.69 

200GB: $4.99 

2TB: $16.99 

Philippines (PHP) 

50GB: ₱49 

200GB: ₱149 

2TB: ₱499 

Republic of Korea (KRW) 

50GB: ₩1,100 

200GB: ₩3,300 

2TB: ₩11,100 

Singapore (SGD) 

50GB: S$ 1.28 

200GB: S$ 3.98 

2TB: S$ 12.98 

Taiwan3 (TWD) 

50GB: NT$ 30 

200GB: NT$ 90 

2TB: NT$ 300 

Thailand (THB) 

50GB: ฿35 

200GB: ฿99 

2TB: ฿349 

Vietnam (VND) 

50GB: ₫19000 

200GB: ₫59000 

2TB: ₫199000 

1. For nations and areas where the neighborhood cash isn't bolstered, for example, Argentina, stockpiling overhauls are charged in U.S. dollars (USD). Become familiar with nations and districts that bill in U.S. dollars (USD). 

2. iCloud stockpiling overhauls for Albania, Armenia, Belarus, and Iceland are charged in U.S. dollars (USD), with costs marginally higher because of the Worth Included Duty (Tank). 

3. Assessments are remembered for all costs for these nations and districts: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China territory, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the Assembled Bedouin Emirates, and the Unified Realm. 

4. Inhabitants in some U.S. states have charge added to the regularly scheduled installment because of state laws. 

Acknowledged installment techniques for iCloud stockpiling redesigns incorporate Mastercards, check cards, and your Apple ID balance. 

In the event that you need more accessible assets in your Apple ID parity to finish your redesign, you'll be charged the rest of the sum. Apple Store gift vouchers aren't acknowledged as installment for overhauling iCloud stockpiling. Figure out how to deal with the measure of capacity you're usin

Buy more icloud storage

You consequently get 5 GB of free iCloud stockpiling for your photographs, recordings, documents and the sky is the limit from there. On the off chance that you need more iCloud stockpiling, you can redesign from any of your gadgets. 

Here's the manner by which it works 

Browse a sum of 50 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB. You can even share the 200 GB and 2 TB plans with your family. Your capacity is redesigned promptly, and your regularly scheduled installment date mirrors the buy date for your arrangement. On the off chance that you update starting with one paid arrangement then onto the next, we'll drop your current arrangement and charge you the genius rata cost* of your new, bigger arrangement. 

You're charged each month for your capacity plan except if you downsize your arrangement. Every month you'll get an email to help you to remember your forthcoming installment. 

Find out about iCloud stockpiling plans and evaluating in your locale. 

Overhaul your iCloud stockpiling from any gadget 

Regardless of whether you're on an iPhone, iPad, iPod contact, Macintosh or PC, updating your iCloud stockpiling is basic. Pick your gadget beneath and update in only a couple of snappy advances. 

  • On your iPhone, iPad or iPod contact 

  • Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Oversee Stockpiling or iCloud Stockpiling. 

  • Tap Purchase More Stockpiling or Change Stockpiling Plan. 

  • Pick an arrangement. 

  • Tap Purchase and adhere to the on-screen directions. 

On your Macintosh 

Pick Apple menu  > Framework Inclinations, at that point click Apple ID. In case you're utilizing macOS Mojave or prior, you don't have to click Apple ID. 

Snap iCloud. 

Snap Oversee in the base right corner. 

Snap Change Stockpiling Plan or Purchase More Stockpiling, and pick an arrangement. 

Snap Straightaway and enter your Apple ID secret key. 

On your Windows PC 

Open iCloud for Windows. 

Snap Stockpiling. 

Snap Change Stockpiling Plan. 

Pick an arrangement, at that point click Straightaway. 

Enter your Apple ID secret phrase, at that point click Purchase.

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