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SEO Case Study #6: Phantom Link Building

SEO Case Study #6: Phantom Link Building

In this new SEO contextual analysis, I'll give you what I call Phantom Link Building. This strategy helped Gotch SEO rank for "Paperform" with one backlink. 


It helped one of our neighborhood dental customers go from #6 to #2 for his most significant catchphrase express: 

rankings 2 

I've utilized the Phantom Link Building strategy effectively (a bigger number of times than I tally), and now I need to impart it to you. 

We should make a plunge. 

What is Phantom Link Building? 

The idea is straightforward, however the execution will require some clarification. 

Here's the idea: 

Ghost Link Building is the way toward fortifying your current connection profile. You can likewise call it layered external link establishment 2.0. 

Here's the manner by which to do it: 

1. Make a page worth connecting to 

I've pounded this thought for a considerable length of time, and the individuals from Gotch SEO Academy are presumably tired of hearing me saying it. 

Be that as it may, I can't state it enough: 

In the event that you need more backlinks and need to be protected from algorithmic punishments, you have to make pages deserving of backlinks. 

Most SEO specialists call these linkable resources or SEO content. 

Watch this to figure out how: 

Few out of every odd page merits backlinks. On the off chance that you originate from the point of view that backlinks are votes, you'll comprehend this is valid. 

Consider it: 

Does a nearby lead age page for a handyman merit votes? Presumably not. 

So the initial step is to make pages that merit backlinks. 

2. Gain the most grounded and most significant backlink conceivable 

Notice how I said "backlink" in particular structure? That is on the grounds that Phantom Link Building is an extraordinary variant of value over amount. 

I've tried this idea a great many occasions now. I can let you know as a matter of fact that quality squashes amount each and every time. 

Getting a solitary backlink from the New York Times will pound getting 15 connections from powerless web journals. I clarify this idea in detail in the PROOF That Backlinks Matter for SEO segment of my backlinks control. 

All things considered, you have to secure a solid backlink to begin. 

I characterize "solid" as any important backlink from a site with an Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) more prominent than 40. 

You should settle on your choice dependent on how serious the watchword is. 

For instance, on account of "Paperform", that watchword has a Keyword Difficulty (KD) of 3. 


Realizing that is a set up site with a solid backlink profile, I realized I wouldn't require numerous backlinks to rank. I additionally realized that I wouldn't require some super-ground-breaking joins. 

Carrying me to a significant idea: you have to secure backlinks dependent on the opposition for the objective catchphrase. 

At the end of the day, don't secure amazingly incredible connections when it's not required. That will be pointless excess at times. In different cases (i.e., serious watchwords), ground-breaking connections will be a need. 

Presently, for what reason am I saying this? 

This is on the grounds that getting ground-breaking backlinks is EXPENSIVE. That applies to both a money related and time point of view. 

In the event that you're utilizing third party referencing administrations, at that point you realize that more significant position authority joins are costly. The explanation behind this is on the grounds that they're more enthusiastically to obtain. So consistently secure connections dependent on the individual circumstance. 

On account of Paperform or our dental customer, we didn't require madly incredible connections. Rather, we gained a DR 36 backlink. 

area rating 

For the dental customer, we obtained a DR 15 backlink. 

3. Utilize solid stay text 

Tune in: you won't get punished from one precise match grapple text. For this technique to function admirably, you have to utilize a careful or incomplete match stay. The objective is to drive most extreme significance to the page. 

For PaperForm, we scored a careful match grapple: 

For the dental customer, we utilized something increasingly conventional: 

nonexclusive stay 

Why? All things considered, we should simply make statements are distinctive on the neighborhood level. I'll get into that in a future post. 

All things considered, by and large, you should utilize a catchphrase rich stay. It's not obligatory, and it is case-subordinate. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need this strategy to work to the furthest reaches, you should utilize definite match stay text. 

4. Secure connects to your connections 

Level two external link establishment is certainly not another idea. Nonetheless, Phantom Link Building is an emphasis on the thought. 

Once upon a time (and a few people despite everything do it along these lines), you would pound your level one situations with a connection. That is an ill-conceived notion. 

It's greatly improved and increasingly viable to keep the quality high all through your levels. All things considered, the "quality" of the connections can decrease as you go down every level. 

I suggest staying with publication joins at each level, however. Try not to construct trash web 2.0s or computerized joins. Do genuine effort and gain genuine backlinks on the entirety of your levels. 

So on account of PaperForm, we procured 8 level two connects to our essential connection arrangement. For this situation, we utilized specialty alters. 

Utilize Fat Joe's specialty alter administration on the off chance that you need to smooth out (it's the best one I've found). 

Ahrefs hasn't got everything, except here's the DR appropriation of those connections: 

dr circulation 

What's more, here is the specific level two grapple text that you can utilized: 

Youthful Go Getter 

change your business 

they suggest Paperform 


this article 

Youthful Go Getter 

Notice that it's characteristic? You should treat your level two stay text appropriation simply like you would your site. 

5. Measure the outcomes 

Since you've gained your ground-breaking level one arrangement and a few level two situations, you have to pause and measure the presentation (I use SEMRush to follow watchword execution). 

Once in a while (in the event that you've done your watchword research well), it will be sufficient to hit the primary page. This video can help: 

Be that as it may, even with great catchphrase choice, you'll for the most part need to include another level of connections. 

6. Get level three connections 

Rehash what you did in the past strides, with the exception of securing more connects to your level two situations. Fundamentally, this whole procedure is to assemble a web around your connection situation. 

Thus, your essential backlink will turn out to be progressively definitive. 

You're likewise compelling Google to recrawl your connection situation on various occasions. 

7. Rehash 

There will be situations where you'll have to rehash this procedure. And yet, you should show restraint. It will require some investment for Google to slither and confide in all the connections on every level. 

That is It 

Ghost Link Building is a redesigned form of layered external link establishment. 

It's incredible for two reasons: 

1. You're just hitting your site with the most ideal backlinks. At that point you're fortifying those backlinks. Your rivals won't "comprehend" why you're doing so well. 

2. You're lessening hazard on the grounds that the greater part of your external link establishment movement is going on level two and three. 

Presently to you: 

Is it accurate to say that you are going to attempt Phantom Link Building? Tell me in the remarks and I anticipate your inquiries. Much obliged for perusing.

How to build backlink in 2020

In case you're new to the Website optimization world, you likely don't realize that backlinks are a fixation. 

Presently the inquiry is: 

For what reason are backlinks significant? 

This is on the grounds that backlinks are a colossal positioning component for Website design enhancement execution in web indexes (like Google). 

In any case, a few people don't accept they're fundamental (in spite of overpowering proof). 

In this guide, I'm going to give you information that demonstrates the significance of backlinks, and afterward I'll tell you the best way to manufacture backlinks (the correct way).

What are Backlinks (and How Accomplish They Work)? 

A "backlink" happens when one site connects to yours. A few people allude to them as "outside backlinks" or "inbound connections." Web search tools like Google consider backlinks to be "votes" for a page. 

how backlinks work 

In numerous investigations, the amount of backlinks a page has related with higher natural internet searcher rankings—more on this in a second. 

Why Are Backlinks Significant for Website streamlining (Search engine optimization)? 

There have been many web index considers led on the significance of backlinks. Be that as it may, these examinations bolster what's as of now accessible to people in general. In the event that you need your head to detonate, read about Google's PageRank calculation. 

PageRank Model 

Here's a clarification of PageRank in Layman's terms: 

Backlinks can improve or diminish your Website optimization execution on Google. Backlinks can improve your Website design enhancement execution on the off chance that they originate from top notch sources. Furthermore, the other way around. 

On the off chance that you'd prefer to nerd out about PageRank and Google's different calculations, at that point Bill Slawski is your man. 

It's anything but difficult to infer that backlinks are fundamental dependent on PageRank alone. 

In any case, as of September 24, 2019, PageRank and all related licenses have terminated. [1] 

What's Google conspiring up? Don't have the foggiest idea and couldn't care less. 

The only thing that is important in the realm of Web optimization is the thing that works and what doesn't work in web crawlers. 

So how would you make sense of that? You need to test and dissect Google's web index results day by day. 

Fortunately numerous examinations have done that as of now. 

Look at it: 

Evidence That Backlinks Matter for Search engine optimization 

Most Website design enhancement organizations realize that backlinks are basic dependent on their experience. In any case, it assists with having extra information to help our experience. 

That is the motivation behind the accompanying area. I've accumulated information from a few top to bottom Website design enhancement concentrates so you can reference at whatever point you have to.

1. Powerful Sites = Better SEO Performance Look through any Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and you’ll see one thing in common:

Search engines like Google love authority sites.

“Authority” in this case is defined as having a number of backlinks from trustworthy sites. And there is overwhelming data to support this idea.

Backlinko studied 11.8 million Google search engine results and found that:

“A site’s overall link authority (as measured by Ahrefs Domain Rating) strongly correlates with higher search engine rankings.” – Backlinko [2]

SEMRush conducted a 2.0 version of their ranking factors study and found that:

“The more backlinks a domain has, the higher is its position on the SERP.” – SEMRush [3]

To solidify this point even further, conducted a ranking factor study in the personal injury sector and found similar results. They said:

“While the number of referring domains per page appears not to influence rankings, the overall number of referring domains for the domain was a top indicator of overall domain traffic.” – [4]

Let’s start by saying that “Domain Rating” is not a metric that search engines use.

It’s a third party metric created by Ahrefs.

Ahrefs DR

It’s not complete, but it’s a useful gauge for anyone doing SEO.

In short, your goal should be to increase your DR (Domain Rating).

Moz also has its metric for measuring the strength of one website.

It’s called DA (Domain Authority).

Moz DA

You can also look at the Majestic SEO Trust Flow metric as a way of gauging site strength.

Majestic Trust Flow

Your goal should be to grow these metrics. The stronger your website is, the better it will rank in search engines.

You get the point by now. The data supports the idea that you need to work super hard to get more backlinks to your site. That is how you grow your website authority.

But you must also acquire website links to the actual pages you want to rank on search engines like Google.

Here’s the data to support that:

2. Powerful Pages = Better SEO Performance It’s possible for a page to rank without a number of backlinks hitting it directly. That’s what happens when your site has established authority.

For example, when Forbes publishes a new article, they often rank on the first page (without any direct links).

That said, Forbes is the exception. Most sites will need direct backlinks to SEO-driven pages.

Here are data Ahrefs to support this idea:

“The more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google.” – Ahrefs [5]

“Only one in every ~20 pages without backlinks has traffic… and the majority of these get 300 organic visits or less each month.” – Ahrefs [6]

This data point is easy to take out of context. Why?

Because it didn’t specify the quality of links. There are many pages online that have a large number of backlinks, but they have terrible search engine performance.

That’s because their backlinks are garbage.

The key isn’t to get backlinks.

The goal is to get backlinks from QUALITY sites.

Reread that ten times.

There is no nuance more critical.

Have no standards, and you will pay the price.

3. Better SEO Performance = More Backlinks The rich get richer in SEO. Meaning, the better your SEO performance, the more backlinks you’ll acquire. I call this “The Snowball Effect.”

Backlinko’s study proved this be true:

“The #1 result in Google search has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions #2-#10.” – Backlinko [7]

Ahrefs found similar results:

“Top-ranking pages do tend to acquire more backlinks (and at a faster pace) than the pages that rank below them.” – Ahrefs [8]

And SEMrush’s study agreed as well:

“The higher the domain’s position on the SERP, the more referring domains it has.” – SEMRush [9]

In short, once you achieve high rankings, you’ll start to get organic links. As a result, your page strengthens and will often solidify your positions.

Keep in mind that the exception to this rule is with competitive keywords.

Here’s the truth:

Having more inbound links isn’t enough to maintain rankings for competitive SERPs.

You also have to keep your page updated and fresh.

For example, a powerful page with stale content likely won’t maintain rankings.

In short, don’t get complacent once you start ranking.

You have to battle to keep those rankings. That means consistent link growth and fresh content.

4. Your Website Needs Vote (Backlink) Diversity “The number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings.” – Backlinko [10]

You should aim to get backlinks from many different trustworthy sites in your industry. If we equate backlinks to votes, this makes perfect sense.

Many votes (backlinks) from different sources are more valuable than many votes from one source.

It’s hard to measure, but there are likely diminishing returns from getting backlinks from the same website.

Now would it hurt to get several backlinks from The Washington Post? No way.

Let’s say you had the choice between two links from The Washington Post or one link from fifteen different DR 20 blogs in your industry.

What would you pick?

Here’s a comparison:

The Washington Post has 730,000 referring domains.

washington post referring domains

And this example, DR 24 blog, has 80 referring domains.

DR20 blog

So let’s assume that most sites around 20 DR have ~100 referring domains. That means that 15 DR 20 sites equate to 1,500 referring domains total.

730,000 vs 1,500.

Let’s assume there is a 50% reduction of strength for the second link from The Washington Post. That’s still the strength of 365,000 domains.

Keep reducing it further, and it will continue to crush 15 backlinks from DR 20 sites.

I barely passed Algebra II, but the math is clear here:

Getting several links from one authoritative website is better than getting a bunch of weak links.

That said, it’s not always that simple, and that’s by design!

Getting backlinks from The Washington Post is difficult, so you don’t need to worry about getting too many.

5. Most Pages Don’t Get (Deserve) Backlinks “66.31% of pages don’t have even a single backlink.” – Ahrefs [11]

“94% of all blog posts have zero external links.” – Backlinko [12]

Most pages aren’t worth linking to, so this makes perfect sense. Also, most sites aren’t engaging in link building campaigns.

The whole “build it, and they will come” mentality doesn’t work well with SEO.

You need to build and then spend 80% of your time link building. It gets easier over time.

That said, every SEO campaign requires a massive link building campaign in the beginning.

The key is to create things that are worth promoting. Now before you dive into link building, you need to first understand when to build backlinks.

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