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How to use autoresponder effectively to promote your business and product

How to use autoresponder effectively to promote your business and product


The true value of quality autoresponders is their ability to send an unlimited number of follow up messages.

And the fact that you can pre program the messages makes the entire system that much more beneficial.

Naturally, there could be instances where you might only need one message sent.

Most often, however, you’ll want to send out a collection of messages, based on whatever action was initially performed.

If they signed up for your marketing ecourse, for example, they might receive a series of seven to ten lessons over the course of
that same number of days.

If they purchased a product  from you, you would want to follow up
with them, sending out messages every few days or so.

The first one could simply thank them, the second one could check up on whether or not they’ve had a chance to use the product, a third one might ask if theyhave any questions about the product, and so forth.

The point is, no matter what action is initially performed by the viewer, it’s important to send follow up messages.

For one thing, you don’t ever want to lose the connection with anyone who has become a subscriber. 

Once they’re on your list, make certain you continue to provide them with valuable information, 
assistance, and whatever else you feel they might want or need.

Following are several ways in which you can use your 
autoresponders most effectively.

Publish Your Newsletter

The biggest problem most editors face with regard to newsletters is having to publish one each and every week. 

And that’s exactly the reason many 
webmasters decide either not to publish one at all or choose to merely publish it once or twice a month.

With an autoresponder, you can preload several issues at once and arrange to have them sent out on a specific day each consecutive week. 

The publications will go out right on time, whether you’re vacationing on the deck of 
a cruise ship or busy performing other webmaster tasks.

Affiliate Training

What better way to help your affiliates earn more revenue than sending them valuable marketing and promotion tips and information each and every week.

Once again, just preload all the messages and set the desired intervals for sending them. 

You create all the content once and 
then have the autoresponder system work on your behalf for months at a time.

Mini Ecourse

This is one of the most popular and 
effective uses for autoresponders. 

You create a series of lessons or segments of information and then have each of them sent to the subscriber one day at a time.

A very important aspect of these mini courses is the ability to keep people interested throughout
all the messages. 

That’s why you should always end each day’s lesson or segment 
with a strong hook that hints at what they’ll learn next.

For example Well, that wraps things up for today. Tomorrow you’ll discover how to implement one simple change that could 
more than double your existing Google Adsense revenue.

Whatever you do, don’t miss it!
On the last day of the course, you can even direct the subscriber to yet another ecourse or free report. 

Again, sent out by autoresponder. Or, you can offer them a special discount or limited timeoffer that’s only available to subscribers.

Ebook Sample

If you’re selling your own ebook, you can use an autoresponder to send out sample chapters or select excerpts from the overall content.

Or, you can simply create a report based on part of what’s included in the ebook. 

At the end of the report, let the subscriber know that the previous information was just a small sample of what they’ll learn 
when they purchase the entire ebook.

And then, of course, pitch them on 
purchasing the ebook.

Product Information

This one can be sent either prior to 
someone making a purchase whereby they just want additional information about a particular product or it can include tips about using the product after it’s been purchased.

For example, if you sold them a software program, you could send the buyer a series of messages that includes different ways in which they could implement the  program. 

Or perhaps methods other buyers utilized that brought them success or additional revenue.


Use an autoresponder to keep people informed. That could include software or ebook updates, changes on your website, current blog postings, or the hot topics 
being discussed on your forum.

Those are just a few of the ways you can use autoresponders effectively. You might implement one or two, you might implement them all. 

You might even come up with more creative ways to use autoresponders. The thing that matters is that you do implement them whenever possible. 

Automation will not only save a great deal of time and hands on effort, it will allow you to keep in constant touch with one of the most valuable assets you have your mailing list subscribers. 

Provide Quality Material And Customer Service

As in any field, branding, advertising and media also follow similar guide lines to ensure its success levels. 

In order to have consistent success the issue of good quality material and customer service must be 
adequately addressed.

Good customer service in vital to creating a successful business environment. 

When potential customers are assured that they can and will get good service after the purchase of a product, the sale is much smoother and easier. 

Today customers want to be assured that there is still a relationship between the seller and buyer if and when there are issues that need to be addressed. 

Making a sale is no longer the be all and end all of a customer and sales person contact. 

In promoting the customer service angle, a potential customer is 
shown the depth of the commitment practiced by the selling party. 

Customers are more like to purchase product that have a good customer base service provider tool. 

More so today this particular 
feature is becoming almost a prerequisite for most customers. 

Because of the vast variety of products available today, customers are becoming a more discerning bunch. 

Therefore the quality of the merchandise plays an important role as the deciding factor for 
the purchaser.

Taking the extra step to provide for all possible levels of quality ensure the success of the product sold. 

With the good quality elements tagged to the product or service, the chances of a new customer base is very good, as the old customers 
will indirectly promote the merits of the product. 

This type of promotion in  invaluable to the success of any productand cannot be bought at any price. 

Another advantage of providing quality material is that the integrity of the product and company 
promotion  the product is maintained at its highest levels. 

Therefore any new ventures the said company decides to explore will be met will an eager and loyal customer base.



• Create a site with valuable content, products or services.

• Place primary and secondary 
keywords within the first 25 words 
in your page content and spread 
them evenly throughout the 

• Research and use the right 
keywords/phrases to attract your 
target customers.

• Use your keywords in the right 
fields and references within your 
web page. Like Title, META tags, 
Headers, etc.

• Keep your site design simple so that your customers can navigate easily between web pages, find what they want and buy products and services.

• Submit your web pages i.e. every
web page and not just the home 
page, to the most popular search 
engines and directory services. 

Hire someone to do so, if required. Be sure this is a manual submission. Do not engage an automated submission service.

• Keep track of changes in search 
engine algorithms and processes 
and accordingly modify your web 
pages so your search engine ranking remains high. 

Use online tools and utilities to keep track of how your website is doing.

• Monitor your competitors and the 
top ranked websites to see what 
they are doing right in the way of 
design, navigation, content, 
keywords, etc.

• Use reports and logs from your web hosting company to see where your traffic is coming from. 

Analyze your visitor location and their incoming sources whether search engines or links from other sites and the keywords they used to find you.

• Make your customer visit easy and give them plenty of ways to 
remember you in the form of 
newsletters, free reports, reduction 
coupons etc

• Demonstrate your industry and 
product or service expertise by 
writing and submitting articles for 
your website or for article banks so you are perceived as an expert in your field.

• When selling products online , use simple payment and shipment 
methods to make your customer’s 
experience fast and easy.

• When not sure, hire professionals. Though it may seem costly, but it is a lot less expensive than spending your money on a website which no one visits.

• Don’t look at your website as a static brochure. Treat it as a dynamic, ever changing sales tool and location, just like your real store to which your customers with the same seriousness.
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